Heating Instructions

Heating Instructions for Hotze Healthy Meals

There are several ways to heat your meals before enjoying the delicious flavor and clear conscience you get from clean eating. Here, we will give you instructions and tips for each:

Microwave thawed or frozen

The easiest way to enjoy Hotze Healthy Meals is to let the meals thaw in the refrigerator and then remove the sleeve to heat the meal tray in the microwave for 2 – 2.5 minutes. Leave the vacuum seal covering on. It will expand with steam and help heat the meal evenly. Caution: watch for steam when removing from the microwave.

Heat on the stove

If you want the best taste from your meals and you have a little extra time, you can remove your meal from the tray and heat on a skillet. Just heat on medium or medium-low until your food is warm. No need to heat it longer than a few minutes, ts already cooked!

Heat in the oven

You can also remove your Hotze Healthy Meals from their packaging and heat them in the oven on a pan. Remember you do not need to cook your meals, just heat them back up. This should be attempted with refrigerator-thawed meals. A low-temperature setting is recommended to heat the meals without burning them.

Boiling water

If it is your preference, another good way to heat Hotze Healthy Meals is to boil water in a pot big enough to fit the entire meal tray. Remove the sleeve first, and place the unopened meal tray in the boiling water. Use tongs to remove the package from the boiling water after 3-4 minutes. The package and contents may be very hot, use caution when opening the vacuum seal!

Plate it!

If you have the time and you are enjoying Hotze Healthy Meals at home, we recommend transferring your meal to a plate or bowl. It may taste just the same, but it looks great!