• If you order your meals before 12pm CST (noon) Monday-Thursday, your meals will ship that same day, all other orders will occur the following shipping day. Orders placed after 12pm will be shipped the following day.
  • Shipping days are only on Monday-Thursday to conform with cold transit times and weekend courier operations.
  • All shipments are sent as 1-2 day ground, or 2 day air. The shipping method is determined by the guest’s shipping address.
  • Orders placed on Friday-Sunday will be delivered by the following Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on shipping address).
  • Currently, we are unable to offer weekend delivery. Orders placed on Thursday that require 2-day shipping (2-day air or 2-day ground) will be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

Once your order’s shipping label is created, you will get a notification with a tracking number. Your order history will also be available in your my account area.

Microwave thawed or frozen

The easiest way to enjoy Hotze Healthy Meals is to let the meals thaw in the refrigerator and then remove the sleeve to heat the meal tray in the microwave for 2 – 2.5 minutes. The meal can also be thawed in the microwave on a 4 – 5 minute thawing cycle before heating. Leave the vacuum seal covering on. It will expand with steam and help heat the meal evenly. Caution: watch for steam when removing from the microwave.

Heat on the stove

If you want the best taste from your meals and you have a little extra time, you can remove your meal from the tray and heat on a skillet. Just heat on medium or medium-low until your food is warm. Heat until food reaches an internal temperature of 165°. No need to heat it longer than a few minutes, it is already cooked!

Heat in the oven

You can also remove your Hotze Healthy Meals from their packaging and heat them in the oven on a pan. Remember you do not need to cook your meals, just heat them back up to an internal temperature of 165°. This should be attempted with refrigerator-thawed meals. A low-temperature setting is recommended to heat the meals without burning them.

Boiling water

If it is your preference, another good way to heat Hotze Healthy Meals is to boil water in a pot big enough to fit the entire meal tray. Remove the sleeve first, and place the unopened meal tray in the boiling water. Use tongs to remove the package from the boiling water after 3-4 minutes. Heat until food reaches an internal temperature of 165°. The package and contents may be very hot, use caution when opening the vacuum seal!

Plate it!

If you have the time and you are enjoying Hotze Healthy Meals at home, we recommend transferring your meal to a plate or bowl. It may taste just the same, but it looks great!

Orders over $149 get free shipping if you are within 2-day ground shipping of Hotze Healthy Meals. Enter your address on the checkout page to see if you are within range.

All zip codes outside of 2-day ground shipping range will be delivered via 2-day air at a reduced rate.

Your meals are shipped frozen in an insulated box with dry ice. If your meals arrive and the dry ice has sublimated (melted into a gas) there is no need for concern. As long as your meals are cool to the touch, they are okay! Place your meals in the freezer upon receiving them.

With Hotze Healthy Meals, top-quality ingredients means that our produce is all 100% organic. Our beef is grass-fed grass-finished certified organic. Eggs are cage-free organic. Seafood is organic or wild-caught (which is not organic certifiable, but its the healthiest seafood on the market). Our sauces are made with organic ingredients and spices as well so you never have to wonder what is in your meals. Click on meals on the menu page to see their complete nutritional facts and ingredients. Hotze Healthy Meals are made with the best ingredients because wellness is what we know best.

Menu items are available based on the seasonal availability of organic produce, and may be subject to change or removal without notice.

Due to the nature of organic produce, certain ingredients become unavailable due to seasons, crop rotations, and availability. We update the menu with new meals and variations when possible, and do our best to replace and add new meals to give our guests a variety of completely organic meals.

Occassionaly, our meals will appear as “out of stock” on the menu. If so, we are  likely sourcing the best ingredients to restock the item and will have the meals available in the near future.

Most of our meals are Ketogenic diet (or keto) friendly. Check each meal’s individual product page to get the full nutrition facts and ingredient list. Remember that net carbs = total carbohydrates – fiber.

Hotze Healthy Meals are made with 100% organic produce, sauces, spices, and meat unless stated otherwise. The only time we don’t use organic ingredients is when there is a better alternative such as wild-caught seafood. See our pantry to get information about all of our ingredients.